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E-light Power is one of the leaders and purveyors of Diesel Generators in Karachi. Here at E-light Power, we consider customers to be our topmost priority and therefore shape our products accordingly to meet their needs.We believe to live in the light and say no to darkness! We have a catalog of small commercial generators in Pakistan that are operable on diesel fuel. These brand new diesel generators are well equipped to handle all sorts of electricity fall and shortage.

Elight Power generators and Solar Panels make you escape from the shrouds of darkness and into the light. Our crafty and state of the art Diesel Generators in Pakistan give you more for less. They are not only energy efficient but also very eco-friendly and easy to operate. We have in our fleet personnel who are trained with the highest standards practiced in the modern era. Our generators embody technological perfection and impeccability. Now, whether you own a small startup or have to look after a heavy duty factory, Elight Power has you covered. We have Commercial Generators for Sale in Pakistan that are durable and built to last for eternity. And the Diesel Generator Price in Pakistan do not dent your wallet; in fact you will be amazed to compare our rates with the other big fishes in the ocean!

E-light Power was founded in DCA Series of Power Generators built by E-light Power are an epitome of excellence in modern mechanics and engineering. Built by using imported parts and assembled in the best possible care in Pakistan. The aim of the company is to battle all the problems that people face regarding electricity. Below are some specifications about diesel and gas generators so well crafted by E-light Power:

  • These Denyo and Perkins Generators in Pakistan are built to function at any place where there is a pressing need for electricity. For instance, at Construction sites, in hospitals for the support of life-saving medical equipment, or even at a bank where the need of electricity is prime.
  • People often raise an issue when it comes to Generators that they increase sound pollution. E-light Power assures you that DCA Series of Generators are designed to be fully sound proof.
  • The engineering is done in such a way that the machine always gives High Performance results

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